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Hi. I’m Dummy Story. You read that right. My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Story, named me Dummy. They gave me life just so I could be here for you.

Unable to tell your falconet from your falcon? Would you know a basilisk if you fell over one? You are not alone. They’re all types of cannon dating back to the 17th century. Nor were these the only types of cannon used by the military of the time, there were so many others — demicannons, …

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How To Make Your Own Amazing Full Size Pirate Cannon

Make your own full size Pirate Cannon easily in a couple of days with the Wyvern IV replica cannon barrel.

“Why on earth do you want a cannon?” These were the exact words that left my wife’s mouth when I explained to her that I had spotted a sweet new replica cannon barrel, the 10lb Parrott Rifle to be exact, just begging for a new home. Preferably in our front garden. Now my wife has …

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